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Domaine De Boel France

Rue des poulies


An ample, complex wine with a beautiful minerality and supple tannins. Notes of black fruit and a touch of spices characterize this pretty cuvée from the northern Rhône.

The name of the cuvée ‘Rue des poulies’ comes from the street that housed the first French restaurant in 1765, now renamed Rue du Louvre. Due to the decline of the aristocracy, it was only after the French Revolution that restaurants really developed, cooks were before that at the service of aristocrats who could delighting their guests.



The history of this estate began in 2011 with Nelly France and Arnaud De Boel who settled in Lemps, between Lyon and Avignon.

They work in biodynamie and are on the beautiful appellations of Saint-Joseph, Cornas, Collines Rhodaniennes …

Domaine De Boel France

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