Les Caves du Louvre

Caves Royales au coeur de Paris - Découverte du vin, Chai & Evénements

Receptions - Team Building Events - Dinner Parties

Private Events

Outstanding Events - Winemaking Workshops & Private Tastings

Sensory reception

Treat your guests to a unique experience: a reception into a venue entirely conceived for sensory exploration and stimulation. The decor, the sounds, the olfactory stimulations… everything will contribute to highten your guests sensory pleasure.

Winemaking Workshop

An entirely unique experience in Paris. Your guests will get to create their very own wine. Assisted by one of our staff, they will each get to design their own blend, resulting in a fully bespoke wine. Once the wine is finalized, guests move on to creating their very own label with our easy to use tool. The result: a wine that is 100% theirs, fully customized inside and out! So much fun, and truly unforgettable!

Private Tasting

Book one of our stunning private rooms and learn about wine in a absolutely breathtaking venue. Your guests will receive a great education, in a very friendly atmosphere, while sampling a selection of delicious wines (and food).

LLes Caves du Louvre is a unique venue in central Paris. This former royal wine cellar was fully renovated for 2 years to create an attraction meant to enchant and inspire. An event with us is the guarantee of creating memories for a lifetime.

CThe home to the Caves du Louvre was established by King Louis XV’s sommelier. Centuries later, Parisians with a vision brought this place back to life and chose to open it to the public for the first time.


The Winery

A real winery nestled in central Paris, home to barrels containing wines made from 15 different grape varieties. Absolutely unique, incredibly atmospheric.

The Private Tasting Room

An elegant tasting room that will be ideal for a tasting, a meeting or a special dinner.

The Terroirs Room

Dedicated to the sense of touch, you will get to learn about the importance of the soil in wine.

The Aromas Room

In a breathtaking nest of wood, guests will stimulate their olfactory sense.

The lab

With its spectacular table, this is where the magic of our Winemaking workshops operate.

The Bottling Room

With its little well and beautify vaults, this charming room is where guests get to bottle their wine.

The Labels Room

Lights, videos, and color games will stimulate and enchant your eyes.

The Tasting Bar

You know what’s going on there!

Discover French wine in Les Caves du Louvre

Come to see us to discover French Wine in a fun and informative Way!

Les Caves du Louvre is a self guided visit thanks to our free app “Wine in Paris” available in APPSTORE and Google Play….


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Thanks to our sister website ItsMyWine.com, you may create your own wine online, from the comfort of your home, and pick up your creation (or have it delivered to your hotel/apartment) when you arrive in Paris!



A breathtaking venue

ll es Caves du Louvre were built in the 18th century. King Louis XV’s sommelier  lived upstairs and managed the king’s wine collection from there. At the time, a tunnel would actually connect the Caves du Louvre to the Palais du Louvre, making it easier to transport the wine for the King of France’s festivities. Centuries later, the cellars are still dedicated to wine. But now for the first time, we have decided to open them to the public.

Quick figures

Grape varieties

Which we store in our oak barrels in order to make it possible for our guests to blend their very own bespoke wine, either online, at the shop or during one of our memorable winemaking workshops.


A team of dedicated professionals that will help make your experience with us even more special.

Square Feet

That is one vast cellar! A unique venue fully dedicated to learning exploring and making wine.


After 3 years of work, Les Caves du Louvre is now open. A brand new attraction in Paris.

The Shop

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